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Travel Central since 1988


Travel Central is celebrating over 30 years of helping people in the greater New Orleans area curate travel around the world.  Beginning in 1988 as a 4-person shop, selling a little over $500,000 of travel annually above a law office in the back of a 2-story building, we have grown by changing and adapting to challenges inside and outside of the travel industry.  In the late 80’s travel was dominated by corporate travel and leisure was focused on Orlando, New York, London, Paris, Las Vegas Mexico and the Caribbean, with only a few cruise lines, Myanmar was still Burma and Cuba was sanctioned to the point that tourism was non existent.

Travel at that time was one of the few businesses with it’s own intranet, with access to schedules and fares for most worldwide airlines, though doing a lot by phone and hand delivering paper airline tickets. The fax machine was a tremendous NEW time saving device.

At Travel Central we have embraced other new technologies, the world wide web in '91, email in ’93, electronic airline tickets in 2000 to electronic cruise documents in ’10 and now offering our travelers a complimentary mobile app which has their full itinerary, vouchers, and destination guides all on a smartphone!  

We survived travel industry upheavals like airlines cutting travel agent pay in ’95, 9/11 and it’s aftermath that completely halted travel, to the great recession, where agencies across the world saw business drop by 50% and of course locally in 2005, Katrina, after which we spent months obtaining full refunds or arranging complimentary rebooking for all of our clients.  We are now celebrating 30 years in business with a staff of over 30 full time and independent travel experts, over $10 million annually in travel sales, embracing technology and designing trips throughout the world, including Cuba and Myanmar.

People sometimes ask – are travel agents still around?  We answer YES, and better than ever. All of us at Travel Central appreciate why we are celebrating  over 30 years, our name says it...we are passionate about TRAVEL! We are your Travel Experts and help you design your perfect vacation ...we do this every day...and we love it! Check out our Travel Advisor's blogs and experience their favorite destinations...maybe one will become yours soon! Join us for our complimentary Travel Talks...experts share tips about exploring your dreams and possibilities, ensuring you get your custom vacation!


5 Reasons to Contact Us

Here are just a few ways we can ease the process of planning your next vacation:

1) Firsthand Expertise and Knowledge – We’ve traveled the world, and we have the firsthand experiences and insider connections to prove it.

2) Well Connected-Thanks to our worldwide partnerships, we can create that one-of-a-kind travel experience just for you.

3) Exclusive Privileges – We can give you access to exclusive perks only available through us.

4) We Know You – Unlike the average travel booking website, we will take the time to get to know your preferences, making sure your vacation is perfectly tailored to your needs.

5) You Can Rest Assured – Let us expect the unexpected. As your advocate, we not only know your preferences before you go, but have the know-how to anticipate your needs, solve problems while you’re traveling and be here for you on your return.


Cruise Track...  Have you ever had a sailed on a cruise and found out that you paid significantly more for your trip than another traveler? Or have you ever been blindsided when a particular itinerary has changed, and you weren’t notified? Travel Central’s proprietary “Cruise Track” program allows our experts to stay on top of changes for a particular cruise – including pricing, itinerary, amenities and more. 


Pocket Travel APP is a revolutionary travel APP that will be your personal concierge to manage your travel plans.  That includes flight tracking and real-time notifications, multiple ways to view your itinerary, and beautifully displayed details about your destination.  It provides eco-friendly electronic document option to our clients.