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Who travels in a group?  

  • Families & Friends
  • Schools
  • Church Groups
  • Sports Teams
  • Organizations
  • Fundraisers
  • Corporations
  • Incentives
  • Meetings at Sea! 

Calling all organizations: alumni, professionals (doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc..), sorority, fraternity, military, religious, non-profit, etc...  Music events, continuing education seminars, culinary, wine aficionados and more.  Did you know meeting room space, audio & video setup are complimentary on a cruise?  Did you know we can help you make your cruise a fund raising event for your organization?  We are here to help you book your next event on a cruise sailing the Caribbean, Cuba, Europe or Alaska..even Asia.  


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Group Leaders Earn Free Cruises! 

Why do a Group?

GROUP TRAVEL CREATES COMMUNITY... Traveling in a group means you are sharing the experience with others who have a similar mindset, creating great conversations and bonding experiences. At the same time, you’re widening your circle of companions who share similar interests for free-time exploration. When some of your group decides they really don’t want to see another museum that day, you can grab  the other art-lovers to check it out with you.

SECURITY IN NUMBERS... People are more comfortable when traveling with friends or family, especially when leaving the U.S. In addition, single travelers like to travel with groups.

MORE FOR THE MONEY... Enjoy Perks like group discounts and points that can earn your group amenities such as onboard credit or room gifts.

FREE TRAVEL... Group leaders can travel for free or significantly reduced rates when they escort a minimum number of paid travelers. Policies vary among cruise line and tour operators from one free for 10 full paying passengers to 1 free for 30. We can also quote a special price for you based on minimum 15 full paying passengers and one free if your aim is to keep the group small.
If you would prefer to earn one free benefit for every five or ten full paying passengers, simply let us know right at the beginning before the program is priced. The free trips are factored into the price, so keep in mind the more free trips you request the higher the cost of the program will be to the paying participants.

PRICE GUARANTEES! ... As the saying goes, “money talks”. The prices we provide in the group quote are subject to change until the time of the group deposit. Frequently groups “lock in “ better rates long before the departure date.

RELAXATION... Travel is relaxing and fun especially with a group leader that has arranged the most sensible route to follow. Navigating red tape on your own can be exhausting, especially when you don’t know the language or customs.

RAISE MONEY FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION....Ask how one organization raised over $10K...


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