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Judy Appel- "DON'T MISS THE BOAT!"

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Interests:  Cruising, Local Culture and People


When it comes to spending your most valuable asset - your time - you can't afford to waste it on the wrong cruise ship.  Let me help you find the ship that will best suit YOUR interests, YOUR tastes, and YOUR desires.  From exotic destinations to the sunny ports of the Caribbean, European rivers or an icebreaker in the Antarctic, let me offer my expertise in finding the right ship, itinerary and stateroom for your next cruise.  After 23 years in the travel industry with a focus on cruising, I am certain that together we can find what you are seeking!  Contact me today for finding your next floating adventure at .

Hotline to your expert:  or 504.813.8831
Interests:  Travel, History, Culture, Reading


Sue has been creating memorable cruise groups for 10 years, having organized nearly 25 groups on several cruise lines, both ocean, and river, to destinations around the world.  According to Sue, "It is like a smorgasbord!  It allows you to sample a variety of places you might later want to make the main course!"  Sue's favorite thing to do on a cruise is relaxing, eat, and meet new friends from around the world!  Her recommendation for those who are thinking of sailing and want to include friends & family is to pick an itinerary they like, then let Sue help you pick a cruise line, and then let the planning begin!


Looking to cruise?  Whether you are looking to book a family, group, or reunion, let  Libby get your group extra perks! With over 20 years of experience in the travel industry, she knows how to get the best amenities for you to make the cruise as relaxing or as adventurous as you choose... guaranteed to be memorable! She can easily be reached at our office 504.834.7000 or at .

Linda Hannan has only been in the travel industry for 7 years, though she has spent many years putting together family and friend’s vacations!  And many of those vacations were groups of 30 or more.  Linda loves hearing how much fun the families and their friends have had on their vacation together.  She enjoys working with the group leader and helping them decide what is the best destination for their group.  To put your group together, contact Linda at 504.259.2857 or .

Nancy Scorcia
Originally a native New Yorker, when I joined the Travel Profession, which was the smartest choice that I ever made. Finding the perfect vacation destination for my clients may be the most wonderful and satisfying job in the world. I love to travel, research travel and sell travel.  In 2000 I relocated to my favorite city; New Orleans where I continued doing what I love -travel, travel and more travel!  You can reach Nancy at 347.255.5614 or 

GROUPS… Travel the world for free by leading groups!

  • How many for a group?  -  8 cabins on cruise   -16 people on a guided vacation   -10 rooms on customized tailor vacation.  A land-based group typically is at least 10 rooms but higher numbers are needed to earn the “free”.    
  • Does everyone have to be a member of an organization or be in the same family?  No, a group can be a mix of your friends, co-workers, members of your church, your child’s sports team, dance partners, your boss, your aunt or uncle, your cousin’s best friend.
  •  Why Group Space?  Great guaranteed rates on deposited space.  As space fills on your cruise or land package, and the rates increase, your base rate remains the same! Often you have lower rates than the current rates being offered!  Earn Free Travel with a specified number of passengers.
  •  Pick your Dates and Block Your Space!  The earlier you book the better the rates and availability.  Travel prices are very seasonal; each destination has different high seasons but almost all are in high season when children are out of school.  (Christmas, summer, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc)
  • Spread the Word!  Remember a group does not have to be “closed” to a certain church, neighborhood, organization, or association.  You can actually have multiple flyers with different names on top. Travel Central will provide free of charge registration flyers, brochures, postcards and take out an inexpensive ad in your club, association or church newsletter! 
  • Payments & Invoices.  Travel Central takes care of all of this for you!  When we receive individual payments for the group, we process and mail or email invoices promptly.  We also will remind your passengers of subsequent payments.   We will also ensure that all space not paid for is released in a timely way to avoid any penalties from the supplier.
  • Document Get Together!  Travel Central will host a document get together and how to pack seminar for your group.  We will review your documents, answer any questions, and lead a demonstration on packing.


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