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With so many different destinations and experiences packed into a tiny continent, it can be hard to know where to begin when planning a European vacation. Thankfully, the staff at Travel Central is here to help. Our travel experts have extensive experience planning European tour packages. Each representative has an area of expertise so you can be assured that you work with someone who knows the area well and can customize your trip to be absolutely perfect.

Read more about our destination experts below. Each one is available to help plan a customized European tour package that meets you needs and your budget. Contact a representative today or search for a European tour package now!

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Interests:   Arts & Crafts, Decorating, Music, Sightseeing, Theater & Concerts

Born in the small fishing town of Cefalu, Sicily, I know Italy like no one else!  I have had the pleasure of planning over 1250 customized trips to my sublime birth country, and I currently host a monthly travel talk on Italy and Sicily.  No matter what your interests are, I have just the itinerary for you.  Culture buffs go wild for a private tour of the Vatican.  Thrill-seekers will enjoy a bike excursion through the Tuscan countryside, or perhaps an aerial view from the basket of a hot-air balloon.  One lucky couple enjoyed a renewal of their wedding vows in St. Mark's Church in Venice, followed by a traditional "good luck" gondola ride.  From there, the wedding party traveled to Florence to enjoy the reception in a hilltop restaurant where they dined on an authentic, four-foot tall Italian wedding cake.  Whether you love history, food, or adventure, Italy will find a way to romance you!  Contact me today to start planning your love affair with Italy.

Rose's Favorite?  3 nights in Rome, 3 nights in Florence, and 3 nights in Venice starting at...$2,950.00 per person.

Join me! Let's cruise through the Greek Isles & Croatia in 2018Click for the Itinerary. 

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Interests:   Food, Local History & Culture, Wine Enthusiast

Enjoying leisure dining, sampling wine from family-owned vineyards, and savoring artisan cheeses are just a few of the reasons I love to visit France.  I'll ask about your favorite restaurants, what time you get up in the morning, and whether you enjoy the nightlife so that I can handcraft an itinerary that crosses key encounters off your bucket list.  How about a hot air balloon ride over the chateaux of the Loire Valley or an afternoon spent wandering lavender and sunflower fields?  Don't miss a trip to a neighborhood flea market for an authentic snapshot of French life, or ask me about an immersion program, where you can rent an apartment and live like the locals.  Are you food obsessed?  I can arrange cooking classes, behind the scenes bakery tours, and private wine tastings along with French lesson in the basics of food ordering.  I'm the insider with access to the heart and soul of France.  Contact me today to discover it for yourself. 

Leatta's Favorite?  Visiting Hilltop Carcassonne, in southern France's Languedoc region, a medieval citadel famous for it's 53 watchtowers and double-walled fortifications, and walking the Catacombs of Paris, underground ossuaries which holds the remains of over six million people in a small part of the ancient Mines of Paris tunnel network.

Join me on the Country Roads of Umbria & Tuscany in 2018.  Click here to see the full itinerary.


Sue Aultman says she believes in education & training so has traveled all over Europe, Alaska, Hawaii, South America, New Zealand, China and the Caribbean to ensure her clients get the best trips possible.  Sue wants others to embrace the charm and history that Europe has to offer.  Her best advice:  “Europe’s a big place! Best thing I did was to go!”  (10 times & counting!)  She recommends exchanging your currency in a US bank prior going to Europe. It makes things much easier when you arrive at your destination. Contact Sue at 504.813.8831 or to have help plan your European Vacation.

Marion enjoys giving each client her personal attention and is constantly on the lookout for price fluctuations to benefit her clients!  So why vacation in Europe?  The history, the art, the culture, and the patchwork diversity of the European countries are what makes it a perfect vacation destination. Marion’s Must-See: The ruins of Pompeii! Marion's Best Advice: Travel in October for better airline pricing, fewer crowds, and nicer weather.  Contact Marion at 985.869.0780 or .

Whether solo or in a group, Linda can help you plan your European getaway.  Her biggest recommendation to clients -vacation during the spring and fall seasons, for less crowds, and the bonus of enjoying the beautiful weather. Let Linda help you plan your perfect European vacation, by contacting her at 504.259.2857 or .


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