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Our goal is to share our expertise to help you Plan an Extraordinary Vacation!  All Travel Talks at Travel Central: 3221 N. Causeway Blvd. @ 18th Street •  Located by Lakeside Mall   • Plenty of free parking


Meet Our Experts Vacation Talks
Join a travel expert for coffee every Saturday at 11 a.m. for expert advice & insider tips


 Italy & Sicily 
Join us September 22
Ready to taste Italian gelato, enjoy a private tour of the Vatican or ride the gondola in Venice? Join our expert to learn some of the best ways to experience Italy!  Read Rose's Italy Insider Tips 

Join us August 18th

Alaska has so many opportunities to appreciate its vast natural beauty but the question is how? Sail along the Inside Passage to visit Glacier Bay, Ketchikan, Skagway, Juneau or Sitka? Or travel further north to the Kenai Peninsula Anchorage, Denali, Fairbanks and Canada's Yukon? Join our expert.   Read Judy's Wonders of Alaska blog

Europe by Rail 
Join us 
September 15th 

Easily travel from London to Paris, continue on to Amsterdam or other popular cities like Barcelona, Venice, and Geneva. The European rail network connects more than 15,000 destinations, Travel Central can help you create and booth the perfect itinerary for your journey.    Read Leatta's Top Tips for Rail Travel 
 Disney Insider Tips
Join us August 25th 

Fast Pass to avoid line? Dine with Cinderella? Magic Bands? Memory Makers? If all this sounds "Greek" to you then join our expert, Erin who will share her awesome Insider Tips
 to help you get the Most Magic from your vacation!

Destination Weddings - Get Married in Paradise!
Join us October 13th

If you're going to say "I do," why not say it in the middle of paradise? The Caribbean Islands can provide warm beaches, gorgeous scenery and a relaxed atmosphere for the wedding (ande honeymoon) of your dreams. Join us for this free event and let the wedding planning begin!  Read Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding 

Cruise For Free--Group Leaders  
 Join us September 8 
The more, the merrier -especially on a group cruise. Whether it's for weddings, reunions, birthday milestones or simply getting together with friends and family, there are many reasons why groups choose to sail on a cruise again and again. A free cruise? Sounds too good to be true? There is actually a legitimate way where you can cruise for free -join us for coffee to learn how.  

Supplier Showcase
Our Travel Suppliers offer  in-depth knowledge, exclusives and amenities for you!

Belize, Panama. Costa Rica. Sun & Fun with Adventure with Delta Vacations
August 29th at 6:00 pm 
rom the engineering masterpiece of the Panama Canal to the white sand beaches of Belize and the wildlife viewing opportunities of Costa Rica's cloud forest, this spectacular region is a must visit for travelers. Join our Delta Vacations Representative for a Fresco & latin bites and see what vacations is right for you.   


Viking † The World’s Leading River Cruise Line
Tuesday, Sept. 11th at 12:30 pm  

Viking’s intimate, inclusive cruise itineraries are designed to help you explore and engage with your destination through its food, culture, countryside and customs. Join us for lunch at the Degas House to explore some of what we feel defines the Viking Difference. RSVP Requested by 9/9/19 calling 504.834.7000


 10 Hidden Gems You Must Visit in Europe
September 26th at 5:30 pm

Be swept away by the scent of lavender along a country lane in Provence or a romantic gondola ride through the canals of Venice. From the charming villages of the Tuscan countryside to the glittering promenades of the French Riviera, let the Mediterranean be your muse and Oceania Cruises be your guide.  Join our Oceania Cruise Representative to learn more about the Gems of Europe, 2 for 1 Cruise Fares and about the fine dining onboard. 

Azamara - Travel the World. Bring Your Clubs.
October 10th, 2018 at 6 pm

Discover the ideal pairing of golf and culture on a luxurious cruise!  Join Mitch, our Azamara Expert, to explore great golf courses, which are in close proximity to fascinating cultural and historic venues. Cruises are ideal for couples in which one spouse is a passionate golfer, and the other may rather tour.  Join us at our free vacation talk to explore the world of Azamara!


  Alaska On-Stage - with Holland America
November 7th @  6:30pm

Escape civilization and witness the grandeur of nature unfolding around you. Scenic highways, glaciers towering over the sea, Sitka bears totem poles of native tribes, swinging-door saloons, and trading posts, railways which navigates steep mountains and deep gorges. Discover Alaska!

November 14th - 12:00 Lunch & Explore  OR   6:00 pm. Wine & Cheese

Israel, where your faith comes alive in fascinating history, archaeological sites, and architecture! Then add to that unique beauty, beaches, the Dead Sea spas, souks (markets), nature reserves, fascinating cultures and great food and wine, making Israel a great vacation choice.  Join us to learn more about a Travel Central group in October, 2019.   

How to Pack for Your Vacation
Thursday, Sept. 13 at 5 :15 

Join us for an informative seminar on how to pack the most stuff with the least wrinkles as well as go over new security rules, international travel tips, and the five commandments of packing.

 Becoming a Travel Agent 
 August 27th  5:30pm 

 Well-traveled and trying to handle your family & friends' vacation dreams but don't have the connections to suppliers who offer great  deals and commissions? Join us to find out how you can do what you love and earn money

Cuba & Coffee
September 18th at 5:15 pm

Discover Cuba's larger-than-life culture, sultry rhythms, and weathered beauty while exploring the country's historic attractions on a Cuba cruise.  Sip on coffee and enjoy our free seminar and explore Cuba...the new trending destination.     



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