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Give the Gift of Travel

There are few gifts more unique and inspiring than the chance to discover a fascinating part of the world. Offer your family or friends an unforgettable experience! 

The Gift of Travel provides flexibility for the recipient to use when they want and for the type of travel they want. They can even apply the credit to a dream vacation valued in excess of the gift certificate. 


To Purchase a Gift Card: 

Call Crissy at 504.834.7000 or stop by 3221 N. Causeway Blvd, Metairie


Frequently Asked Questions About Gift Cards: 

  1. Do the gift cards have an expiration?     -No
  2. Is it an actual plastic gift card?     -Yes
  3. Can I choose from different gift card designs?     -Not Currently
  4. Can they be exchanged for Cash?     -No, gift cards can only be used towards a vacation.
  5. Is there a fee to purchase or use a gift card?     -No
  6. How can I check the balance on a gift card?     -Travel Central can tell you the balance of a gift card, as long as the gift card itself is present or if you have the gift card number (located on back of card) 
  7. Gift Card Redemption?     -The actual gift card must be presented to Travel Central.
  8. Can gift cards be replaced, if lost or stolen?     -Lost or Stolen cards can be replaced, for a $5.00 Lost/Stolen Card Fee (per card)