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How we work

We are not travel agents. We are travel advisors. We are quite a bit different in that we work for our clients in the travel planning process. In order to maximize our time and expertise, we follow a process with our clients to ensure that your travel needs and expectations are met. Not only will the experience you have on your vacation be enhanced, but the planning will also be a lot less time consuming and stressful endeavor for you. 

5 Reasons to Contact Us

Here are just a few ways we can ease the process of planning your next vacation:

1) Firsthand Expertise and Knowledge We’ve traveled the world, and we have the firsthand experiences and insider connections to prove it.

2) Well Connected- Thanks to our worldwide partnerships, we can create that one-of-a-kind travel experience just for you.

3) Exclusive Privileges – We can give you access to exclusive perks only available through us.

4) We Know You – Unlike the average travel booking website, we will take the time to get to know your preferences, making sure your vacation is perfectly tailored to your needs.

5) You Can Rest Assured – Let us expect the unexpected. As your advocate, we not only know your preferences before you go, but have the know-how to anticipate your needs, solve problems while you’re traveling and be here for you on your return.


The short answer is… No! If you consider travel an investment in life and you value the experiences and memories that travel brings, then you will find great value in working with a travel advisor. This investment gains you access to potential upgrades, credits, amenities and a richer experience. Our travel advisors save you time by saving you from fruitless and frustrating Internet searches; and make sure your travel dollars are handled with the very best of care by well-vetted, financially secure travel partners.


Do travel agents charge? Yes, travel agents and advisors are compensated for their time, expertise and the resources they deploy on your behalf. Average travel agent commissions are nominal, and fees allow travel advisors the freedom to invest time and great care in your departure. Fees range from $25 for simple hotel bookings, to upwards of $250 per week based on the intricacy of the itinerary, length of travel and number of passengers. Very often, clients find that they more than make up the planning fee in the discounts, food and beverage credits, extra amenities and value-adds that our travel advisors are able to offer.

Pocket Travel APP

A few weeks prior to departure we will present you with your final documents, including all reservations and arrangements that have been made.  We offer Pocket Travel mobile APP that includes a detailed itinerary, city guides, real time flight updates, instant access to crucial documents, and messaging with your travel consultant during your trip. Upon your return we will follow up with you to get your feedback and to discuss any future travel needs you may have.