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Potential New Orleans to Cuba Cruise?

Some of the hottest travel news as of late is concerning the tiny island nation of Cuba. Once the forbidden destination located less than 90 miles from U.S. shores, recent political developments are allowing new access to the previously isolated island nation.

What Has Happened

Currently, most travel to Cuba is restricted for Americans unless it fits into one of 12 categories. Recently, President Obama has suggested loosening the requirements for family visits, which is a strong indicator of open tourism in the future.

The relaxation of these restrictions has led to a sort of gold rush in the travel industry, as companies scramble to secure potentially lucrative routes for this destination. 

Based on these developments, six U.S. airlines have recently received approval to fly to Cuba. And for the first time in 50 years, a cruise traveled to Cuba from a U.S. port.

What Could Happen

Based on the recent development, companies are now looking to reestablish long dormant travel routes and open up new U.S. markets for Cuban travel. One potential route that could be of excitement to New Orleanians is the establishment of a New Orleans to Cuba cruise route.

According to an article in the Times-Picayune, vice president of strategic planning for Carnival Corp. Giora Israel has indicated that a planned route for the two destinations was on the horizon. She indicated the match would be a great fit for Carnival due to the ease of route between the two ports and the fact that Carnival already offers the most cruise options out of New Orleans.

The establishment of such a route is not as far-fetched as some people may think. There was previously a once a week route to support the operations of the United Fruit Co., and New Orleans previously hosted a Greek-registered cruise ship that completed several trips to the island during the 1970s with Americans aboard.

When Will It Happen

The travel experts at Travel Central are closely watching the developments of travel to Cuba and will be some of the first to know about the opening of unrestricted travel to the country and potential cruise options setting sail from New Orleans.

Travel Central can help to book travel to this new and exciting destination with the same expertise and knowledge that have made us one of the top travel agencies in New Orleans for years.

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