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Submit Your Photo with the hashtag #LetsVacation:

A. Must be a picture of you traveling over 500 miles away from your home, and must share where you are.

B. You must "Like" our Facebook page, Follow us on Instagram OR join our email list

-Tell us about the fun you're having!!! Tasting gelato in Italy? Visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris? Dog Sledding in Juneau?

  1. Share your favorite vacation photos with us on Instagram and TAG Travel Central. (First, be sure you FOLLOW our Instagram, travelcentralnola in order to tag us!)
  2. Post your photos to Travel Central : Travel Agency Facebook page
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The photo with the MOST 's for their photo on 1/15/18 is the WINNER of the Delta Vacations $500 Travel Voucher!


Can I post more than one photo?
YES! You can have more than one chance at winning! Post as many vacation photos as you like, just make sure to follow the contest rules above. Tag more of your Instagram friends to get more "  "  (hearts) on your photo.

When can I start posting my photos?
Our Instagram (IG) Photo Contest will be active from November 15,
2017 until January 15, 2018.  Participants can post photos up until the Winner is announced. 

How will I know if I'm chosen as the winner?
We will post the winner's name/ Instagram username on Facebook and Instagram on the day the contest ends (1/15/18)

Click on the Instagram terms for how-to instructions: 
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