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River Cruise 

A river cruise offers the convenience and luxury of an ocean cruise combined with the in-depth experience of a land tour, plus the personal freedom of a river cruise. Step aboard. Unpack once. Explore, and enjoy.


Judy Appel"DON'T MISS THE BOAT!"    
When it comes to spending your most valuable asset - your time - you can't afford to waste it on the wrong cruise ship.  Let me help you find the ship that will best suit YOUR interests, YOUR tastes, and YOUR desires.  From exotic destinations to the sunny ports of the Caribbean, European rivers or an icebreaker in the Antarctic, let me offer my expertise in finding the right ship, itinerary and stateroom for your next cruise.  After 23 years in the travel industry with a focus on cruising, I am certain that together we can find what you are seeking!  Contact me today for finding your next floating adventure at .


Leatta Perdue has been crafting travel experiences for over 17 years, and her specialty is customizing trips for her clients, ensuring they get 100% of what they’ll love. What Leatta loves about river cruises is the overnight stays in towns, allowing travelers to get on and off, exploring at their leisure.  Leatta’s recommendation for clients who want to skip the crowds is to travel later in the year, when the summer swarms of people are all gone. The south of France wine cruise in November is sweater weather, experience the charm and adventure of the Christmas markets in Germany. To book a river cruise with Leatta email her at or call our office at 504.834.7000.

Rose has been a travel professional since 1988 and loves how the market continues to change, offering many new ways to see the world!  River Cruising is one of the hottest new ways to see Europe! Would you like to get lost in the backcountry’s charm?  Or explore hidden gems off the beaten path?  There’s nothing quite like seeing Europe from the comfort of your ship.  Elegant floating hotels give all the ease of cruising and allowing you to experience the charming squares, magnificent cathedrals, and bustling marketplaces that are often just a stroll away from your ship.  If you’d like Rose to help you plan your river cruise, she can be reached in our office at 504.834.7000 or

Marion enjoys giving each client her personal attention and is constantly on the lookout for price fluctuations to benefit her clients! River cruising is more than just a cruise on a river - it is small boutique ships with high-quality gourmet food and drinks with stops in cosmopolitan cities and quaint countryside villages.  What she enjoys most about river cruising is sitting in her cabin, watching as the beauty of a country passes by, like a "floating postcard.”  She highly recommends a pre/post-cruise extension so you can enjoy the port of embarkation too.  To contact Marion about planning your river cruise, she can be reached at 985. 869.0780 or .

Having become a river cruise fan (her husband says he is now spoiled by all of the pampering and attention!), Linda is quickly becoming a regular on the small, intimate cruise ships.  Let Linda describe for you the joys of landing right in the middle of the most cosmopolitan centers of Europe, as well as its small quaint towns...all inviting you to sample their unique sites, flavors, and culture! To plan your river cruise, contact Linda at 504.259.2857 or .


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