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Signature Travel Expert Select
Selected from over 200 travel agencies throughout the United States and Canada highly vetted amongst their peers, Select Experts are experts in their destination or special interest area because they have either lived in the destination or visit often. This ‘feet on the ground’ knowledge is essential in providing consumers with the most up to date information possible and options to personalize their clients’ trips.

Travel Central is thrilled to have 3 advisors in the Travel Expert Select™  exclusive program. Participation in Select is highly competitive and only the most knowledgeable advisors can participate. 


ROSE BOUDREAUX   I am a native born Sicilian who came to America as a child. My love for Europe is innate and I have been back to Italy countless times. I have family in Italy and know my way around, almost like I have lived there my whole life. That is why Italy is my specialty. Let my knowledge and experience, work to help you plan your next trip to this amazing place. I am familiar with the must see things to do as well as the hidden gems and off the beaten path locations. Let me recommend my favorite restaurants. In Italy and especially Sicily- eating is an art to be savored. You will be amazed at the wonderful food. I love to hear the feedback from my customers when they return from one of my customized trips. Some have even planned their next trip as soon as they have returned. Let me help you plan your next family vacations, singles, honeymoon, reunion, group travel or even a spa vacation to sensational Italy & Sicily.


LEATTA PERDUE   I love this country! I love everything about French culinary experiences, local village market days, French artisan shops, fine vineyards and of course... stunning French chateaus. To make your visit here especially grand, I recommend a visit to the Left Bank where Hemingway and Fitzgerald frequented Harry's Bar. I've been traveling here for twenty years and with each return visit, I learn, explore and become more thoroughly immersed in the culture - making each visit a truly unique experience.  


ERIN MAJORIE  I absolutely love what I do. I have such passion and enthusiasm for the destination of Walt Disney World® Resort. My objective is to share with you the best of Disney and to use my extensive knowledge and expertise to create for you the most perfect and magical Disney vacation possible! I've had a lifetime of visits here: First as a child, then as a young adult; now as a wife and mother, and as a professional Disneydestination specialist has ensured that I have experienced this incredible destination from many perspectives. It's very important that you feel as though your vacation was crafted just for you. I want you to share with me what is important to you. What do you want to experience? Who are your favorite characters? Who will be traveling with you? Where do you want to stay? Which park(s) do you want to experience first? Is this a milestone event? Once we've established what and how you want to experience Disney World, I can make it happen!