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Travel Central keeps you up to date on the latest trends and news of the travel industry. Explore our blog below for travel tips, vacation ideas, and more! 

The Wonders of Alaska

There is this moment when the cruise ship comes into Glacier Bay, and all the chatter and laughter on board ceases. Written by Alaska Expert, Judy Appel.


Lake Titicaca & Bolivia
High Altitude, Floating Islands, Ancient Culture, Salt Flats.


Leatta's Blog -Custom Prague & Wine Cruise 2017 
This blog is set up so for documenting the first annual group trip of what I'm calling, "Join Leatta on Vacation" trips. My postings will include photos of the hotels, ship, tour buses, guides and so forth. 


How to Prepare for a World Cruise
To find out what full world cruisers can do to ensure their cruise goes off without a hitch, we spoke to crew members familiar with the routines -- and travails -- of previous world cruisers. They shared their best tips, which we now pass on to you.

This is What I Learned After 4 Days in the Caribbean
The Dominican Republic the most visited island in the Caribbean for two major reasons:  its inexpensive, and lots of Europeans love its white sand beaches.

Five Sites to Celebrate with an Incredible Sundowner
The Sundowner is a tradition that dates back to 19th-century colonial Africa when British soldiers would cap off a hot, dusty day in the bush with a cool alcoholic beverage, usually gin, as the sun sank slowly beneath the equatorial horizon. While countless destinations may be worthy of a refreshing sundowner, here are five that rank as simply incredible.

Potential of a New Orleans to Cuba Cruise?
Some of the hottest travel news as of late is concerning the tiny island nation of Cuba. Once the forbidden destination located less than 90 miles from U.S. shores, recent political developments are allowing new access to the previously isolated island nation.


Dodge the Crowds and Visit these Hidden Gems in Europe 
Summer has long been recognized as the ideal time to visit the European continent with sunny weather beckoning tourists to explore the mountains, beaches, and cities. However, with the wonderful summer weather comes several less-desired items: crowds, higher prices, and a feeling that you are on the same trip as everyone else.


Italy Through the Eyes of a Seasoned Agent
Italy is truly a land of wonders, playing host to scores of tourists with barely the blink of an eye. Written by Italy Expert, Rose Boudreaux.


What's Trending in Italy
Newest product developments, trends, and ideas for travelers to Italy!


Israel's Attractions Are Not Just Religious Sites
They include beaches, historical sites, archaeological digs, Dead Sea spas, souks (markets), nature reserves, fascinating cultures and great food. 


Machu Picchu, Peru
Machu Picchu is the #1 attraction and the highlight of the trip. Over the years, Machu Picchu has become South America's most famous archaeological site, and one of the top attractions in South America. Machu Picchu is located in a beautiful setting, on the ridge of a mountain overlooking the Urubamba river valley and surrounded by the high Andes.


A First-Timer's View of Costa Rica
Read about an exciting trip to Costa Rica through the eyes of a first-time visitor.


Tantalizing Foods of Italy
There are few places where food is more celebrated, more deeply rooted in the cultural experience, than in Italy.  Hyper-regional and made with amore, this cherished fare reveals much about Italy's Landscapes and rugged Abruzzo's rib-sticking lamb with egg and cheese. 


Top Places to Pop the Question
You’ve found your one and only. Now where to propose marriage and mark the start of an extraordinary life together?


Can't-Miss Architecture Along the Rhine River
The Rhine River originates in the Swiss Alps and flows for 760 miles through France’s Alsace region, Germany, and the Netherlands, before emptying into the North Sea. Winding through forested hillsides and open rolling fields, the river passes cities, towns, and villages where some of Europe’s finest architecture is on display, making it an ideal route for a relaxing and informative river cruise journey.


San Francisco Mixing Business with Fun

Exploring and staying along the coast for a refreshing, and relaxing weekend.