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What’s Trending In Italy

Edited from Heidi Podjavorsek of Signature Travel Network Italy blog


Newest product developments, trends and ideas for travelers to Italy!

We can book encounters with the owners, whether it’s Andrea Illy from Illy Caffe, now third generation owner, his grandparents were the original founders of Illy. He will take you through his life and the process of making coffee, how they are now turning to sustainable coffee plantations and what that means. You will walk away with a new appreciation for Italian coffee. At Versace guests will be taken through the process of making fashion. The interaction will start with a drawing created and then it will take them through the entire production process. Travel Central has access to many more brands and themes and can pick these based on client’s interests or passion. Working with  Altagamma, a foundation that focuses on the most notable luxury brands “Made in Italy” like Fendi, Versace, Gucci for fashion, Ducati motorcycles, Illy Caffe or Bisazza tiles, etc Travel Central now is able to create a travel program that would allow guests to meet with some of these brands one-on-one.

TRENDS we are seeing this year: 

1. Local, Local, Local - Travelers want to have a sense of place and stay local. Basically, see yourself as Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun without having to give up on the luxuries that a US traveler is accustomed to which might be as simple as having ice in their drink.

2. Local bars and restaurants: Aperitivo tours so you are able to truly engage with locals

3. In Naples travelers either think they get murdered by the mafia or they want to meet the mafia. We can arrange a guide that will take guests through the city, his neighborhood, introduce them to his family and at the end guests end up eating pizza at a local pizza place.

4. In Rome, arrange a  meet and greet at the main train station (Termini). The station has been under construction for the past 2 years. So having someone at the station who can arrange porters and be in touch with the driver will make this a much better experience.

5. Traveling outside of high season and able to avoid crowds.

6. Villa stays are popular. The original villa owners have agreed to no longer offer only 7 night stays, stays now can be shorter and flexible.

7. Independent travelers –Travelers that only want to have a half-day walking tour in each city and the rest on their own, it’s the perfect way to introduce travelers to amazing

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