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Travel Accessories for International Traveling


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  • Effectively blocks RFID readers from capturing information
  • Includes card slots and page marker
  • 3 colors to choose from


Design enables passport to scan without removal from case

Protect your identity. All US passports issued after October 2006, as well as many debit/credit cards and drivers licenses have RFID (radio frequency identification) chips that broadcast personal information 24/7. A person with a scanner could potentially read the personal data on your card or passport. The RFID blocking products blocks transmission of this information when the cards are in the RFID blocking product, compartment or pocket, preventing unauthorized access.


Adapter plugs are lightweight and durable devices designed to allow an appliance to fit into an outlet with a different plug configuration.

The four most commonly used adapter plugs

• For use in more than 175 countries, including most parts of Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand, North America and Russia


Reduces 220V to 110V so you can use electronics in countries operating on 220V. This converter is intended for use in most parts of Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, Middle East, New Zealand and Russia, and provides a two-pin plug that fits most European outlets.

  • Reduces 220V to 110V for use in countries with 220V
  • For 110V electric heating devices from 50 to 2,000 watts
  • Two-pin plug fits most European outlets
  • Auto-reset fuse 


This dual wattage converter operates as a transformer on the low setting and as a converter on the high setting.

• For 110V electric appliances heating up to 2,000W and electronic appliances up to 50W

• Two-pin plug fits most European outlets

• Auto-reset fuse

• Includes converter, four adapter plugs and travel pouch

• Check appliance wattage before operation to determine appropriate switch setting

• Not for use with electronic appliances or appliances equipped with timers or automatic functio


This ultimate travel comfort set includes everything you would ever need to stay warm and relaxed on your travels.

• Consists of a full-size inflatable head pillow, fleece blanket, eye mask with elastic straps, and one pair of foam ear plugs

• Includes strap for attachment to luggage handles

• Also includes zippered carry case

• Pillow (inflated): 18in x 11in x 3in

• Pillow (deflated): 11.5in x 9.5in x 2.5in

•Blanket: 50in x 38in


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Many credit, debit cards and drivers licenses have RFID chips with personal data

Effectively prevents RFID readers from capturing data


  • Use with any wallet, bag or pocket and protect your information
  • Adjustable size from 32” to 46” waist - Cut to fit
  • Keeps money safe
  • Interior zipper pocket holds currency

This money belt is a comfortable and practical way to keep your money secure. Made from thick leather, you would think it was a regular belt. But the zipper compartment on the inside panel conceals a place to stash bills out of sight of would-be thieves. It is adjustable to fit from a 32" waist up to a 46" waist. All you need to do is cut the belt to make it the correct size for a custom fit. The metal buckle removes easily for security clearance. Good looking enough to wear everyday, so practical you won't want to travel without it.




Protect your belongings from pickpockets and slash-and-grab thieves with the Anti-theft Travel Bag. Featuring hidden, slash-proof, Chain Link construction and an adjustable, cable-reinforced, cut-proof shoulder strap. The roomy main compartment features a locking zipper and pockets for organization. The rear organizer is RFID blocking and includes slots for credit cards, and pockets for travel documents. The zippered expansion pocket holds a camera, water bottle, or sunglasses.

 • Locking main compartment has pockets for organization, card slots, pen and lip balm loops

 • RFID blocking card and passport slots

 • Zippered front slash pocket

 • Removable LED light


  • Locking main compartment has pockets for organization, card slots, pen and lip balm loops
  • RFID blocking card and passport slots
  • Zippered front slash pocket
  • Removable LED light

Colors: Black/ Stone/ Midnight




Help alleviate body stress and fatigue due to disruptions to the body's clock rhythm with No-Jet-Lag! This homeopathic travel remedy is perfect for those that travel often or have a long upcoming flight. This jet lag remedy has no known side effects Each package contains 32 pills, enough for 50 hours of flight time. Alleviates stress and fatigue. 



This all natural formula features turmeric root, spearmint and distilled water. It's safe, gentle and effective for dry airplane cabin environments. Flight Spray is formulated to alleviate nasal dryness, moisten the nasal passages and soothe the sinuses during long flights. Alcohol free.



These flight compression socks help prevent your legs from becoming tired and swollen on long journeys.

• Provides graduated leg compression and support to improve blood circulation

• Aids in the prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

• Includes one pair calf-length socks available in small, medium or large

 • 95% nylon, 5% spandex

• Intended for use with healthy legs 



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