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Benefits of A Corporate Travel Expert

Google reports that Consumers Make 32 Visits to 10 Websites to Book an Airline Ticket ... People's time is worth money.  It's a good example of why it makes sense to use a good travel advisor.   Travel Central celebrating 30 years in business! We are dedicated to offering business travelers the highest level of convenience, ease, efficiency, and productivity. 

Custom Travel Management

We are compensated for our time, expertise and the resources we deploy on your behalf through professional fees. This highlights just some of the services we will provide. Our fees range from $25 for a simple hotel booking to 5% to 10% of airline ticket fare with a minimum of $35 per invoice based on the services we provide.

  • Support from Start to Finish: from the start of your request, you will collaborate with a dedicated Travel Central advisor to ensure a flawless experience for you.
  • Detailed Profiles:  in our database, from frequent flyer numbers and credit cards to seat preferences on airlines and favorite car selections. You spend less than five minutes telling us where you need to be and when, and we take care of the rest. 
  • Customizing airline reservations including seat assignments, frequent flyer point use, air credits, tracking schedule changes, utilizing consolidators to often find savings up to 40% on business class.
    • Flight delays or cancellations?  No worries just call our business travel advisor and she start immediately looking for solutions to get you the meeting on time.  Or she works with the airlines for refunds or exchanges.
  • Car Rentals Exclusive up to a 30% car rental discounts, plus we will sign up you for complimentary car rewards and expediting programs.  Cars, Limos or Private pick up at the airport …We offer the full range of stylish transportation options from luxury sedans and exotic cars, to private jets, we can arrange any of this.

  • Hotels:  More rooms available at the lowest possible rates. In fact, 9 times out of 10, we meet or beat competitors’ prices. 
  • Signature Hotels : Receive exclusive benefits including: Noon check-in, when available;  Room Upgrade upon arrival, when available; Daily breakfast for two people, Complimentary Wi-Fi; Guaranteed 4pm late checkout
  • Apartments or Home Stays – we have access to over 100,000 vetted private homes or apartments for business travelers
  • Travel Policies:  No problem, we incorporate your specific travel policies and procedures, as well as your vendor contracts into our normal booking process. 

    "My experience with Travel Central, and specifically Laura Marchese, as been outstanding. My company, ISPD, has relied upon Travel Central for over 20 years, and they have been professional, responsive, and on-time with their delivery of travel details. Personally, every week I am on 3-5 planes, stay in1-2 hotels, and need 1-2 rental cars for the 1-3 cities I am working in. Laura is always right on time and works with me to get the best prices and times. She knows that I like Delta and Southwest, Marriott properties, and Hertz car rentals. She understands the key points of my profile and what I do prefer and don't like. In addition, when my associates and even family members travel, they are treated with the same courtesy. Absolutely no problem at all recommending Travel Central Central -- first class operation"  -Frank Donaldson of ISPD 

Book all my bosses travel through Laura who is super responsive and always happy to make adjustments to his ever changing travel schedule. A bonus is she is super friendly and super nice - Carmen Hall

We could not ask for a better travel agent than Laura Marchese. Everything for us revolves around travel near and far. Oftentimes that also means last minute or unexpected changes. Laura is always available to assist and does it with a smile. We can't say enough about Travel Central. - Bernadette Wiltz, SUSTA



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PLAN FOR BUSINESS TRAVEL. You might not know when your next business trip will be, but you can get ready for it. 

Call Me!  We will build your profile, starting with your name exactly how it appears on your passport and driver’s license. We never want to risk TSA denying you boarding because your name does not match. We will collect all of your details—your date of birth, address, points program numbers, seating and meal preferences, billing information, everything. It may take a little time, but believe me, it makes a huge difference to have the information in advance.

  • Sign up to get a frequent flyer, hotel, and car rental points program now. Compile a list of all your numbers to make sure you never miss a chance to earn points for your travels.

Global Entry Or TSA Pre-Check......Which do we recommend? That depends on where, and how much, you're traveling. Thankfully, we don't have to answer that question. Use the Department of Homeland Security's interactive Trusted Traveler tool, which only requires that you answer a few questions about your travel habits before generating the best program for you.