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2021 Top Travel Specialist, Condé Nast Traveler

Each vacation is different just as each person is different. Since 1998 my focus is to curate vacations to fit and see your dream trip through to the end. My expertise is global with a focus on customizing Europe, paying attention to all things food and wine related. Don't get me wrong, I love a craft beer as we walk around a village market. It’s your trip. Let me make it perfect just for you. 


Places I've Been!  
It’s no secret why Leatta is so successful at designing personalized luxury-travel itineraries for individuals just like you. She’s no armchair traveler. Travel is a passion and has visited 26 countries (and counting). She reveals her best findings to you through her worldwide discovery travels to:

Africa | Egypt  
|  Japan (lived in Japan for 3 years)
Caribbean |  Dominican Republic, Jamaica, St Martin, St John, Puerto Rico, Jamaica  and  Cuba!  (Havana is one of my top favorite cities)

Europe |  France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Republic of Ireland, Italy including Sicily where my father lived, Switzerland, Vatican City, Greece, Portugal, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungry and Monaco. 

Great Britan | England, Northern Ireland and Scotland
Hawaii | Maui and Oahu
Mexico | Ensanada, Cabo San Lucus, Puerto Vallarta, Mayan Riviera , Playa Del Carmen, Tulum and Axumal and Cozumel


My Favorite Vacations to Plan:


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Reviews by Happy Customers 

This was my first time using a travel agent! 2 weeks in Hawaii & each resort was very luxurious AND Leatta really came through when our flights were delayed. She arranged better flights & seats than what was offered by the airlines!

-Gigi Boesch

"My wife and I just returned home from a trip to France, which was organized and booked through Leatta Perdue from Travel Center in Metairie. Every part of our trip was great, especially each hotel throughout France which were all exceptional, beautiful, unique and convenient. All the tours were great. I especially enjoyed the baguette and food tour in Paris. Our guide was a chef and foodie, and extremely knowledgeable. We learned so much about the architecture and food history of the area. She brought us to individual food stores to purchase the best well known food from each store or bakery. We then ended our tour with a fun picnic with our purchases of the finest bread, cheese, meats and wine! It was an awesome experience! -Pete Matthews 

South Korea & Japan: Cultural Legacies
Explore two vastly different and evolving national legacies — each steeped in rich heritage and tradition — and each poised on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s cultural and technological horizons.