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Signature Benefits

In an effort to better serve you with more meaningful travel options in all corners of the world, Travel Central has aligned with Signature Travel Network, a $7 billion dollar travel organization representing a collection of the world's most esteemed and exclusive travel agencies and supplier partners.

This new alliance allows us access to a network of destination specialists and trusted experts who can deliver once-in-a-lifetime experiences.  Whether dining with a Duke at his castles in Scotland, flying over the African Savanna in an open bi-plane or being personally greeted in your cruise port of call by a private car and driver, we'll help you discover the world specifically tailored for you.

Our new Signature portfolio also now includes more than 950 distinctive hotels, resorts, lodges, spas and unique places to stay around the globe, each offering exclusive valuable privileges to enhance your stay, every time you plan with us.  And for our American Express Card members we are still able to process your points to pay for travel (PWP) as well as secure your Cruise Platinum Benefits (CPP).

Benefits of using a Signature Travel Advisor

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Our Signature Benefits



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  • Private Car & Driver ....Want to explore a port for free?  It’s an exclusive, complimentary benefit when you reserve your cruise with us!
  • Enjoy Valuable priveledges at 1000 hotels worldwide
  • The Travel Magazine Online presents a unique collection of articles, photos and videos to help make your travel dreams a reality.