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This is What I Learned after 4 days in the Caribbean

Think About These Questions so we can find Your Perfect Caribbean Resort (click for list)

I'm not the Caribbean's biggest fan but if you go out and explore, I find it that the all-inclusive resort experience is a perfect match to a day of excursions.  The Dominican Republic the most visited island in the Caribbean for two major reasons:  its inexpensive and lots of Europeans love its white sand beaches.  Most Americans typically say they are going to Punta Cana or DR.

La Romana                                                        La Altigracia


Since 20104 DR completed a major highway thus creating a much more favorable experience with less transfer time and new areas to explore.  What resort?  Well picking a resort is no different from picking a hotel at Disney... what amenities do you want, and what level of service are you expecting?  Delta Vacations alone has 64 resorts to choose.  Though know what we consider a 5-star in Europe and terms of service and amenities is not necessarily equal in the Caribbean. 

So what is there to experience besides incredible beaches, excellent resort dining experiences, golf and water parks?  How about cigar making, sugar cane farming and a typical Dominican home?  Or the newest adventure and very creative is Dr. Fish...a spa day on a catamaran.  Yoga, massages, detoxing and skin nibbling fish are all part of this experience.

For the fun, sun needs to decompress, then a Caribbean vacation caters to those who want to escape and relax.

Things I recommend:  Make dinner reservations when you arrive and try out all the restaurants, bring towels from your your to beach/pool and then swap out as needed when there, ask for a list of activities at resort (i.e. nightly shows, water aerobics), and bring your flip flops fo rthe spa!

                                                 Coffee Roasting                                                  Cigar Making