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Travel Central's Advisors are highly-trained, knowledgeable travel experts who have one objective: to create, design and implement a travel experience for you that will meet and exceed your every expectation. The World is Waiting and we're here to help you Explore it. Click here for client's online reviews.

Rose BoudreauxRecognized by Signature Travel Select Expert, RECO by TripAdvisor Travel Designer, &  MOQA Travel Expert
Born in the small fishing town of Cefalu, Sicily, I know Italy like no one else. Since planning my mother’s renewal of wedding vows in St. Mark’s Church in Venice, I've organized countless customized trips to my birth country. Whether you love history, food or adventure, Italy will find a way to romance you. But I have been to over 25 European countries and can help you plan any trip, hoping you will include a visit to my beloved Italy!   Rose's Blog on Italy.   

AREAS OF EXPERTISE:   Europe     Luxury Travel     River Cruise          


Bailey Marquis Recognized by Travel Agent Magazine as Top 30 under 30
My exploits across 30+ countries have led me from paragliding in Switzerland, trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, saying yes to a marriage proposal at the Trevi Fountain, sleeping in igloos under the northern lights in Finland, snorkeling with dolphins in the open ocean off the coast of Hawaii, yachting the Croatian coast, and so much more. I truly believe in the power and magic of travel and that is why, in 2018, I started curating vacations for clients. By 2020, I was designated one of “30 Under 30 Top Travel Agents in the US and Canada” by Travel Agent Magazine. With a focus on adventure, I enjoy creating one-of-kind trips made to fit your unique travel style and vision.   
DESTINATION SPECIALTIES:     Hawaii    Adventure Travel     Ski



Erin Majorie: Recognized by Condé Nast Traveler Travel Specialist, Signature Travel Select Expert, RECO by TripAdvisor Travel Designer, MOQA Travel Expert 
Joyous destination celebrations, memorable family travel events, and fully-curated custom Disney vacations (to various parks and aboard cruise lines) are my favorite planning experiences! I am always ready to help you with an itinerary that exceeds your expectations, which has ranked me as a 2021 Conde Nast Top Travel Specialist!    

Areas of Expertise:   Family Vacations   

Judy Appel
When it comes to spending your most valuable asset—your time—you can’t afford to waste it on the wrong vacation. From exotic destinations to the sunny ports of the Caribbean, European rivers or an icebreaker in Antarctica, let me offer my expertise in finding the right itinerary. After 25 years in the travel industry, I am certain that together we can find what you are seeking!      Read Judy's Blog
DESTINATION SPECIALTIES  Alaska     Ocean Cruise &  River Cruise


Sue AultmanRecognized by Signature Travel Select Expert, RECO by TripAdvisor Travel Designer,  & MOQA Travel Expert
My passion for traveling is contagious, so I became a travel agent to be able to spread the love. After retiring from teaching, I was ready to tackle seeing the world, starting with Alaska, the Caribbean, China, Europe, South America, New Zealand, Vietnam and Cambodia, and Iceland. Thanks for allowing me to share the memories of my experiences in creating a dream trip for you! 

DESTINATION SPECIALTIES:    Cruises    Alaska    Europe             


Courtney Abramovitz   
As a luxury travel advisor, I love sending clients to my favorite spots in the world, places I know firsthand will have something to please everyone. Whether relaxing on the white sand beaches of Tahiti, dancing the night away in Mykonos, skiing the beautiful slopes of Aspen or following a pride of lions on Safari, I will make your travel dreams come true.  

Area of Expertise:   Luxury Travel       Europe      Family Vacations


Cathy Gaffney
To quote Warren Buffett, “Price is what you pay, and value is what you get.” Thanks to 24 years of travel experience, I can get the best value for your time and money while making the process pleasant and worry-free. Together, we can build your perfect trip so you can create memories that will last a lifetime.  

Areas of Expertise:   Cruises       Groups         Alaska         

Leatta Perdue  Recognized by Condé Nast Traveler Travel Specialist, Signature Travel Select Expert, RECO by TripAdvisor Travel Designer
In addition to 20 years of experience and over 45 certifications, I have been curating vacations since 1998 with a focus on all things food and wine made to fit your unique travel style.  Curating travel experiences to fit each traveler's vision of the perfect holiday may require more than finding that exact match in a brochure. Tap into my experience and expert training of over 50 travel providers that I have special relationships to create that unique trip to fit your personality and way of travel.. Leatta's Blog on Rail Travel  in Europe    
Areas of Expertise:   Europe       Luxury Rail       Culinary Travel 


Libby Daigle 
Looking for a hand tailored and exciting vacation? With all of the hotel, resort and cruise options available, making the right choice can be overwhelming. For more than 20 years, I’ve taken the hassle out of travel, helping customers realize the vacation of their dreams. Whether you’re looking for a cruise, Caribbean resort or ski trip, I’ll find all the unique and adventurous inclusions that will make your trip like no other.  

Areas of Expertise: Groups     Cruise      USA   


Allison Musso
My favorite destinations are ones that offer active and diverse activities, like Costa Rica, the Caribbean, Disney!   

Areas of Expertise:     Family Vacations       Disney World    


Laura Marchese
As Travel Central's corporate travel agent, I’ve spent 31 years coordinating trips all over the world for clients.  From air travel and hotels to rental cars and dinner reservations, I offer a full-service approach that will meet all of your business needs. 
Read Laura's Blog on business Travel  
Area of Expertise:     Business Travel


Mary Perricone 
I enjoy traveling and learning about travel, so  5 years ago I got into the travel industry.  My favorite thing to sell is Religious Pilgrimage Groups. I enjoy working with the group with private presentation of the destinations, handling all invoices and payments and doing a pre-travel get together. I was born in Cuba, and arrived in the United States at the age of 10 and am fluent in Spanish.         
Areas of Expertise:    Cruises      Europe     USA  


Linda Hannan

Traveling brings me such joy that I want everyone to experience their own trips of a lifetime. With my help, we can design for you the perfect vacation, whether a land tour of Europe, a cruise to the Caribbean or anything in between. Once every detail is taken care of, you’re free to simply enjoy the experience while you are immersed in it.   
Areas of Expertise:    Cruises       River Cruises   


Marion Coon 
Traveling adds so much to my life that I want to share the joy of those experiences with others! Sharing the insights of my happy travels to Europe, Tahiti, Australia, Alaska, Hawaii, and the Caribbean to help you plan an amazing cruise, cruise tour, river cruise, and/or land package is my gift to you! After nearly 30 years in my dream job, so many of my clients have become lifelong friends, and I look forward to exploring new adventures with you.        
Areas of Expertise:  Cruises


Jerry Wetzel

My family and I have always enjoyed traveling to different destinations every year. Planning those vacations was very enjoyable for me. Now I want to help others find their perfect vacation. As a professional Travel Consultant, my knowledge of the travel market can help me plan your perfect vacation or getaway. As your representative I can help you before, during and after your trip. My goal is to plan and oversee the trip of a lifetime.   
Areas of Expertise:   Cruises     Celebrations       Family

Melinda  Bourgeois
Melinda leads a team of qualified travel specialists in bringing the wonders of the world into the hands of their customers. Fueled by a love of history and culture, she’s spent the better part of her life exploring the people and places she reads about in books. Combining her passion for travel and a desire to share this knowledge, she transformed them into a 28-year-long career in the travel industry where she spends every day doing the job she loves.

Rachel  is the numbers girl, managing account payables and receivables while keeping the books balanced. Basically, she arms the agents with everything they need to give Travel Central’s clients the best vacation planning experience possible—a monumental task she tackles head-on. In her down time, Rachael is diligently working her way through her bucket list, which seems to double every time she checks another spot off her list.   Accounting & Business Manager.  

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