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My Favorite Trips to Plan

It’s no secret why Allison is so successful at designing personalized luxury-travel itineraries for individuals just like you. She’s no armchair traveler. Travel is a passion and has visited 23 countries (and counting). She reveals her best findings to you through her worldwide discovery travels to numerous countries.

Family Vacations
Travel the World with your Family
Great Britain

Travel has always been a main focus in my life. My parents believed traveling was a basic need in life and ingrained a love of traveling in me. Today that has manifested into a desire to make sure everyone feels that way when they plan, travel and reminisce about their vacations.

I look forward to getting to know exactly what you desire for your vacation and making sure your travel dreams become a reality. Personalizing the perfect trip experiences for you is my priority.

Places I've Been!

CARIBBEAN- Antigua, Bahamas, Jamaica, Martinique, Puerto Rico, St. Croix, St. John, St. Martin, St. Thomas


EUROPE- Germany, Ireland, Italy, Republic of Georgia, Spain


HAWAII- Big Island, Kauai, Lani, Maui, Molokini, Oahu

MEXICO- Cancun


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If you love to travel, dreaming of your next trip and planning it can be almost as much fun as the trip itself. Yes, the internet has made researching destinations and booking a trip more accessible than ever, but the many options for flights, cruises, hotels and tours can overwhelm even the savviest of travelers. Why risk your vacation time and dreams when there are professionals who can help you make the best choices? 

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