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My Favorite Trips to Plan

It’s no secret why Jerry is so successful at designing personalized luxury-travel itineraries for individuals just like you. He’s no armchair traveler. Travel is a passion and has visited 7 countries (and counting). He reveals his best findings to you through his worldwide discovery travels to numerous countries.

Disney World
Family Vacations
Travel the World with your Family
Rocky Mountaineer
Step onboard one of Rocky Mountaineer’s glistening glass-dome coaches, and you’ll instantly be transported to a world of effo

I retired in 2017 after over 31 Years in the retail management industry. My family and I have always enjoyed traveling to different destinations every year. Planning those vacations was very enjoyable for me. Now I want to help others find their perfect vacation.

As a professional Travel Consultant, my knowledge of the travel market can help me plan your perfect vacation or getaway. As your representative I can help you before, during and after your trip. My goal is to plan and oversee the trip of a lifetime.

Interest Specialties

Accessible Travel, All-Inclusive Resorts, Couples only, Cruises (Ocean), Custom Vacations, Destination Wedding, Family, Honeymoon/Romance

Places I've Been!

CANADA- , Montreal, Quebec City

CARIBBEAN- Bahamas, Jamaica

MEXICO- Cozumel

USA- Alaska, Disney, Hawaii


Signature Travel Experts provide travel expertise and a world of unique benefits tailored to your needs.

Alaska, Disney World, Family Vacations, Rocky Mountaineer
Avalon Waterways, Carnival Cruise Line, Disney Travel Company, Globus, Monograms, Royal Caribbean Cruises

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If you love to travel, dreaming of your next trip and planning it can be almost as much fun as the trip itself. Yes, the internet has made researching destinations and booking a trip more accessible than ever, but the many options for flights, cruises, hotels and tours can overwhelm even the savviest of travelers. Why risk your vacation time and dreams when there are professionals who can help you make the best choices? 

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