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My Favorite Trips to Plan

It’s no secret why Lynda is so successful at designing personalized luxury-travel itineraries for individuals just like you.  Travel is a passion and Lynda has visited 15 National Parks, 30+ states, 5 countries (and counting). Lynda's own love for travel and exploration enriches her understanding of her clients' needs

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It's time to experience New York City again, with something new (or renewed) at every turn.

Lynda Marshall is known for her exceptional ability to craft unforgettable vacation experiences. Having organized various trips, from honeymoons to group excursions, Lynda's expertise shines through, especially in her most recent achievement—a curated multi-generational family trip to Belize.

One delighted client shares, "My most recent vacation experience booked with Lynda was amazing - a curated multi-generational family trip to Belize. I am beyond pleased with Travel Central." Another review emphasizes Lynda's commitment: "My travel advisor Lynda Marshall was truly dedicated to making our trip memorable. She provided us with excellent service and helpful information along the way."

Lynda's own love for travel and exploration enriches her understanding of her clients' needs. "I have traveled every chance I could get – whether it was to the beach, on a cruise, visiting a museum, or searching for waterfalls in a National Park. Vacations make a lifetime of memories," Lynda shares, recounting her own transformative experiences, from her first encounters with nature in Tennessee to the stunning sights of Alaska's glaciers.

From Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica and Chichen Itza in Mexico to explorations in 15 National Parks, 30+ states, Niagara Falls, museums, art galleries, and Broadway shows, Lynda's personal adventures have shaped her expertise in curating tailor-made journeys for her clients. Her dedication and personal touch ensure that every trip becomes a cherished and memorable experience.

Places I've Been!

CANADA- Toronto, Vancouver

CARIBBEAN- Bahamas, Bermuda, Curacao, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, St. Martin, Turks & Caicos, US Virgin Islands

CENTRAL AMERICA- Belize, Guatemala, Honduras

MEXICO- Acapulco, Cancun, Costa Maya, Cozumel, Tulum

USA- Alaska, New York


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